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Thank you for visiting us here at Emerald Valley Paranormal.  We are a small group that keeps growing all the time.  We are  made up of  family members and friends who have always believed in things that go bump in the night.  We are dedicated to helping those in our community who  suspect that  they may have a paranormal problem. 

If you believe you are experienceing paranormal activity contact :

Darci ~ Darci@EmeraldValleyParanormal.com or 541-998-8584 (message phone)

leave a detailed message and she will be in touch ASAP.

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Emerald Valley Paranormal is located in Junction City, Oregon.  For those that don't know where that is..it is 15 miles north of Eugene, Oregon.  Go Ducks!  Our family has been investigating and researching since 1993 but our Group was officially established in 2007.  We are a small group but we are dedicated and growing rapidly. We can't continue without showing props to a site where we do all of our location swatting, it's Hauntedrooms.com - When you have a chance please take a look at their post on the most haunted places in Oregon.

EVP approaches every investigation from a scientific viewpoint.  We try to find EVERY logical explanation for the activity that is presenting itself until we have exhausted all theories.   We want to help educate the community about the Paranormal.  Our goal is to open people's minds to the possibility that there is more to this Universe than just what your  five senses can pick up.  We do not do Ouija, séances, table tipping, or cleansings.  We have never worked with sensitives, but we are more than looking forward to it. However, they will be our guides not our proof.  We will provide photographic, video and audio findings to you as well as our personal experiences.

It is hard for some to get past the stigma associated with the paranormal.  You hear things.  You see things in the middle of the night that shouldn't be there.  You find yourself explaining away this, that,  and the other.  Your friends tell you that you are just imagining things or the opposite, " oh dude, you are haunted".  Well... maybe.  Everybody LOVES to tell a good ghost story but when it comes to something going on in your own home or place of business it is a little different.  You are afraid of what others will say.  Or you will only discuss the happenings with a select few.  That's why we are here.  We are here to help you figure out what is really going on.  All E.V.P. clients are confidential as well as the location of the investigation.  You have the right to cancel any investigation you have set up with us at any time.  Even if the investigation is actually taking place.  Our services to you are totally FREE OF CHARGE.  Once you become a client of E.V.P.'s it is a life long friendship until you decide we are no longer needed.  We are here for you as well as your peace of mind. 

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Trees in Negative PictureIf you believe you are experiencing paranormal activity please feel free to contact us.  You may e-mail us here or from our MySpace page.  You may e-mail Darci directly or you may call.  If you are scared know you are not alone any longer.  We are here to help you.        

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Emerald Valley Paranormal MySpace BannerYou may contact us on our MySpace page as well.  If you are not in the Eugene/Springfield area or within the State of Oregon you may find researchers and investigators amongst our friends who would gladly assist you.  If you are unsure of who to contact let us know and we can help you find the appropriate persons for your needs.  We are gladly at your service.

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NOTHING!  LOL.  We have been bombarded with birthdays and vacations these last two months.  Spending some time on the beach, out at the lake and floating down the river.  Relaxing.

Our phones have been pretty quiet lately so we have been researching different locations for future investigations.  If you have a location you have heard stories about LET US KNOW.  We love new places! 

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Paranormal Awareness Banner                                                                  Emerald Valley Paranormal is not at present recruiting new members.  If you wish to join our Group check back in with Heather from October thru December.  These are the months where we will be doing the majority of our recruiting.  Thank you for your request!       ~ EVP

PASC BannerYou may go to this site and they can help you find a group in your area.  All the members of PASC are dedicated to helping those who are in need of it. 


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  If you would like to let us know how we are doing or would like to talk to someone at E.V.P. but not sure who, then give us an e-mail.  We would love to hear from you. 

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